Welcome to the main gallery entrance of California oil painter, Gary Stutler. Inside, you will enjoy a variety of figurative, botanical and architectural subjects represented in paint and pastel.

They exist simultaneously as objects, representations, and records of devotion

This is the main entrance to Bay Area intimist painter, Gary Stutler's, online virtual galleries of fine art showcasing the variety and and diversity of Gary's paintings. In addition, this main entrance page also supplies links to other pages that provide more information about Gary, his works, and other relevant aspects of his art, including his availability for commission projects, what a giclee is, the latest developments in Gary's career, and how to contact him.

Paintings created by Gary Stutler are extremely varied and, in many ways, defy definition. His artwork, however, is very much influenced by, and offers a contemporary expression of, artistic movements like intimism and realism. The range of his subject-matter is also quite wide, and includes portraiture and figurative work (including numerous approaches to the self-portrait), still life, landscape and cityscape, furniture, interiors and innerscape. His painting approach takes advantage of assorted materials: Oils, pastels,and various dry media. Rather than just focusing on being a California painter, or even an American painter, Gary has sought out subject-matter in various international settings, such as New Zealand, New Caledonia, Cyprus, and others. He does, however, take pride in his representations of Vallejo and Napa Valley locales.

So it's fair to say that Gary is more than just a realist, a portraitist, a Vallejo artist, a Napa Valley artist, or even a Bay Area artist. He is a painter who seeks to create new art that conveys the intimacy of a special moment or place . . . that allows the viewer to lose her or himself in the luxury of an extraordinary instant of life or locality.

Enjoy your viewing of Gary's paintings, and feel free to contact him with any comments or questions.

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